Web Design User Interface Design

Always learning, improving, constantly finetuning and experimenting with new and existing technologiess. Always pushing current trends and techniques to keep pace with the constant change in our industry.

What makes me different to everybody else?

When it comes to Web Design and/or User Interface Design, you get what you pay for. So, yeah, I don't come cheap. I've been designing websites and user interface of web applications with a focus on user centered design for over 10 years. I have worked on many interesting projects and gained exposure designing websites, intranets, extranets, e-commerce, web based applications (including RIA - flash). I have also held the position of Web Creative Manager, providing direction to a team of designers. Today, I successfully use my experience in helping my clients achieve their desired goals though design and technology.

Today, i apply responsive design on many of my projects to reflect the ever changing landscape of accessibilty through the various different devices. I take my responsibilities seriously and I'm always on time, always on budget, always with a smile. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Why else should you hire me? I can make your life easier by managing projects with multiple players and I make sure the final product not only looks great, but also helps meet your key business objectives. Whether you want web design or consultation services, my goal is to educate, produce exceptional result that exceed your expectation.

Design process

My process involves a simplified solutions approach through various fact finding techniques, wireframing and prototyping concepts, QA them with users and creating visual design.

Ramil Navidad - Web Designer and User Interface Design

Need to know

Understanding the pain that the users are going through and how i can come up with a design that simplifies and improves user experience.Here, I try to discover users’ goals, business requirements, constraints and opportunities. The techiques I mostly use are interviewing and observing people, task analysis and business requirements analysis.

Research and Analysis is the most interesting part of this process. Through various ideation techniques I create a variety of ideas which I visualise and explore through design concepts.

After exploring ideas I believe in, I validate them through wireframes and/or testing prototypes with users. After validation I usually go back to ideation. This step is cutial to the design since this is usually where the stakeholders come up with their own ideas.

Creating visual design and HTML&CSS, jQuery is a creative but tricky phase. It can actually overlap with previous phase(s) if necessary. Business people mostly have difficulties in understanding rough sketches so I leave that for collaboration with designers and developers.

This is where formal delivery takes place along with User Acceptance Testing, documentation, presentations, training and support.