Strategy & Planning

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Give your business a competitive edge and stay in-front of your competion

Your web strategy and planning will help you to understand your strenghts and weaknesses. A plan will not just allow you to define your goals, your target customers, it will also help you measure your return on investment.

Whether you already have an online presence or are a start up, it starts with an analysis of where your business currently stands and what you want to accomplish. Your website should allow you to conduct and do business online, a marketing plan to capture your target audience, and to maintain on-going business with those you are already doing business with. This is the basis in which you can design and develop your website including content, functionalities and effectiveness.

My strategic planning process starts with an audit of your current situation, an analysis of your online needs, and the definition of your personas. With this type of in-depth understanding of your company, I'm able to propose a strategy for your website, including a list of content and functionalities to develop, to make your site better and more effective.

Once your strategy and plan is defined, it's time to take action and the necessary steps and phases to put into place.

Need to know

Questions to ask to determine your strategy and planning .

How can i generate more leads from my website.



How can i get my visitors to stay longer on my website.



How can i tie in my business goals with my online strategy.



Can i get a measureable return on my investment?



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